Chez Carole Duong Dong Restaurant

88 Tran Hung Dao Street, Duong Dong, Phu Quoc
84-773-3848 884

Cuisine: Vietnamese, Diner, Seafood, Lunch,

  • Cost 8
  • Food 5
  • Decor 6
  • Service 6


Established in 2004 in the heart of town center, Chez Carole Duong Dong offers a rewarding dining experience all day long for both domestic and international customers. The restaurant serves Asian and Western cuisines as well as an abundant range of drinks and cocktails. With the capacity of 150 guests and different room types, elegant Carole eatery is a perfect choice not only for private meetings but also for large groups. You can also have a chance to enjoy live music from Philippin no international band every night from 7.30 pm to 11 pm.

Chez Carole restaurant provides us with a three-course meal including appetizer, main and dessert. Of these, combination appetizer (squids, shrimp, mussels, spring rolls, onions), Vietnamese seafood salad and whole fish (grouper, red snapper, mar kernel) are Asian Carole’s favourites while Cutlet Bolognaise & Spaghetti (Deep fried pork escalope with meat sauce, ham, mozzarella cooked in the oven) and Bacon cheese burger topped with egg are popular priorities regarding Western gastronomy. In dinner time, BBQ kitchen is available in squids, shrimps, pork, chicken and beef. Also, many kinds of hamburger and pizza are ready in quick service. The price is very reasonable, up to 10 USD per dish. 



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Shrimp and crab meat soup 40,000
Chicken and snow fungus soup 50,000
Pork spring rolls (6 pcs) 70,000
Carole spring rolls (7 pcs) 85,000


Grilled squids with BBQ sauce 85,000
Sauteed shrimps with tamarine sauce 75,000
Steamed shrimp with coconut juice or beer 75,000
Braised fish in clay pot 85,000
Sauteed pork-ribs with sweet and sour sauce 85,000
Rumsteak in pepper sauce 320,000
Seafood hot pot 180,000
Beef in vinegar 180,000

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