Thanh Xuan Fusion

The third mall, in Chua Cau night market
0975 177 830

Cuisine: Vietnamese, Diner, Seafood,

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There is no lack of chic and upscale restaurants in Phu Quoc paradise but for those who want to experience local street atmosphere and enjoy social interactions with locals and domestic visitors, Thanh Xuan Fusion located right in the Chua Cau night market is not a bad idea. You may miss out this eatery due to its humble appearance but it is likely that you will not be disappointed once you have tried the diverse culinary here. Also, the price is extremely reasonable and therefore it appears to be a wise choice for travellers having a tight budget.

At the food stall, you will be dazzled by a wide variety of fresh fish, shrimps, lobster,soft-skin crabs, abalone, herring, long-jawed anchovyand shell-fish. When it comes to foreign guests, all you need to do is pointing out what you like and the cook will do it for you immediately. The menu offers plenty of choices from grill dishes, salad and soup. Grilled dishes include grilled prawn, lobster, shrimp, fish, and squid. Salads are various with herring, young shark, Giac snail, seafood vermicelli and squid salad. Numerous kinds of snail and shell are also readily available such as sweet snail, “jumping” snail, garlic snail, shell, clam, and shellfish. Last but not least, in case you do not have a thing for nutritious seafood, there are other popular dishes including beef, chicken, deer meat and pork. 



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