Zen restaurant

30/4 Street, Duong Dong town - Phu Quoc

Cuisine: Vietnamese, Diner, Seafood, Lunch,

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Phu Quoc is renowned for abundant potentials in tourism with spreading primitive forests and pristine beaches. It seems to be a small Vietnam since it has almost everything from hill, forest, river, stream and sea. Finding an ideal place to relax and enjoy its excellent seafood is truly a major concern and it is likely that tourists can be satisfied with Zen restaurant thanks to its professional service and culinary delights.

Zen restaurant is located on the 30/4 Street in the centre of Phu Quoc island. With an area of more than 3000 meter, it has a capacity of about 500 guests and therefore is a perfect destination to hold birthday parties, meetings, celebrations, conferences and barbecues.

Architecturally, the eatery is a harmonious combination between Eastern and Western design. On the very first step, you will be dazzled by green and silky lawns along the way as well as soft and gentle small artificial stream. Depending on personal preference, you can choose either an indoor or outdoor place to savour your favourite dishes and whatever you like; the places are all spacious, peaceful and very close to nature. Most importantly, for those who want to have more privacy, the some well-equipped VIP rooms can surly meet up your requirement

Taking the advantage of a coastal restaurant, Zen offer a wide variety of seafood specialities such as Sweet snail, Soft-skin crab, Lobster, Mantis shrimp, Abalone, Jelly-fish, Eel Anguilla and Gudgeoned. Particularly, some special cuisine of Phu Quoc like Pilchard salad, Ham Ninh crab, Hoang Kim shrimp, Squid’s egg steamed with ginger, Phu Quoc Cassia wine and Zen spring roll are also very popular. The restaurant opens all the day, serving healthy and delicious meals in the morning, noon time and evening 



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