Chim Sao

65 Ngo Hue

Cuisine: Vietnamese, Bar,

  • Cost 7
  • Food 7
  • Decor 9
  • Service 7


The restaurant is owned by a French ethnography PhD named Stan. Falling in love with special foods of minor ethnics and villagers in Vietnam, Stan decided to establish a restaurant focusing on Vietnamese traditional foods of all the three regions dimly the plain of ethnic minority.

The first impression of Chim Sao restaurant is a natural friendly environment with the state of the art of installation giving customer a corner of Vietnam’s village right inside the capital city.

The name “Chim Sao” means sandpiper, a species of bird which sing really well, and is also Stan’s favorite bird. This is the first source for the restaurant’s name. In addition, the major of Chim Sao’s menu are a variety of birds such as pigeon, laughing dove, eurasion coot, sparrow, etc. Besides, other Vietnamese specialties can be found are smoked beef/buffalo; luc lac beef; duck thigh well-cooked; rose fish cook with lemon; grill ribs; fish caramel and pork caramel.

With a set of only US$ 3 can you enjoy a delicious meal at the restaurant.


HOURS 10:30AM - 10:30PM

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PRICES from $3


Special Features Arts display


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