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Lunar calendar officially welcomes winter today, when Hanoians rides motorbikes huddling themselves up in the wind. Average temperature expected this weekend is about 25oC, with cold wind in early morning and late night. Bright sunshine, which is like honey, on the other hand visits in middle of the days. However, as winter is coming, humidity in Hanoi starts to decrease to about 70%, which means people should be aware of xeroderma (more about Hanoi weather in November).

Hanoi weather forecast Nov 2-4 (Source: Google)

Da Nang

There seems to be heavy rain anytime on these three days of weekend here so outdoor activities or long trips should be better prepared. Of course it is nothing problem if you have strong desires to travel. Just remember to carry umbrella or rain coat to keep you safe and sound. Like its fellow Hanoi, the coastal city has been reached by winter with apparent signal of temperature falling down to 24oC in average.

Da Nang weather forecast Nov 2-4 (Source: Google)

Ho Chi Minh City

Long heavy rain seems to hit the tropic this weekend while there are still sunshine times between rainy times. Heat is kept at reasonable level, with only about 27oC in average. Buses and car are supposed to be the best transportations for travelling activities this time, when flood visits the city quite often (more about Ho Chi Minh City in November).

HCMC weather forecast Nov 2-4 (Source: Google)

Vietnam News

Vietnam dishes recognized by Asian Record Organization

This week the Asian Records Organisation has announced the list of 12 dishes in Vietnam which are recognized in food category record. Among those are several popular Vietnamese dishes such as Pho and Bun Thang Hanoi, Com Tam Saigon or Mien Luon Nghe An (full news).

Buon Ma Thuot introduces tour by carriage

This is a new tourism product organized by travel agents in Buon Ma Thuot Town. Instead of modern transportation, guests are carried to various tourism attractions in and around the city by carriage.

Vietnam resorts listed among best accommodations in Southeast Asia

5 hotels and resorts of Vietnam have been listed in the top 20 best hotels and resorts in Southeast Asia and Asia by the US Conde Nast Traveler Magazine. This result was finalized based on recent surveys and researches of the magazine on its readers (read more).

Hoi An listed among 10 best tourism cities in Asia

This week can be regarded as a record week for Vietnam. After Vietnamese foods and hotels, the ancient city of Hoi An is also listed on the top 10 tourism cities in Asia by US magazine Conde Nast Traveler. 

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