Vietnam weather


This weekend will be quite rainy for Hanoi with mostly cloudy sky, scattered showers and thunderstorms. You may not be able to enjoy any outdoor activities in this gloomy weather, but Sunday is redemption with sunny cool weather at the moderate temperate of 32 Degree Celsius. Take advantage of a rare beautiful day by attending the International Documentary Film Festival, which is enchanting film buffs in Hanoi.

Hanoi weather forecast June 11-17 (Source: Google)

Ho Chi Minh City

Ho Chi Minh City is still in the rainy season, with mixed clouds and sun with scattered thunderstorms being the norm.  Chance of rain is high as usual at 80%, but when it doesn’t rain cats and dogs, visit the free interesting photography exhibition themed “Paris in a Glance”. Alternatively you can attend the pencil drawing exhibition entitled “Gần” which is still opening to positive feedback.

HCMC weather forecast June 11-17 (Source: Google)


After weeks of constant rain, Danang residents will experience a milder this weekend with less overcast and thunderstorms. Chance of precipitation drops to as low as 20% on Saturday and Sunday. The weather can’t be more suitable to go out and enjoy the International Documentary Film Festival, which is receiving critical acclaim in Hanoi and promises to repeat its feat at Danang.


Danang weather forecast June 11-17 (Source: Google)

Vietnam News

Vietnam Airlines to launch Hanoi-Chengdu weekly flights

The national flag Vietnam Airlines is set to open the first flight from Hanoi to Chengdu on 26 June 2012. There are going to be 3 flights per week in both directions. The airline is also offering special promotion with only USD250 per person for a round trip, applying until 31 December 2012.

Dong Thap ecotourism attracts tourists

Reports from tourism administration in the Mekong Delta province of Dong Thap show that more and more tourists have chosen it for ecotourism, with more than 730,000 visitors during the first six months of 2012. There are various ecotourism activities in Dong Thap, such as trekking, hiking or farm exploration.

Exhibition “Paris in a Glance” in Ho Chi Minh City

An interesting exhibition on Paris by 4 Vietnamese photographers is opening in Ho Chi Minh City from 14 June to 22 June. The event seeks to bring out unexplored angles of the world’s leading cultural centre from Vietnamese’s perspective.

Lecture on Vietnamese village’s customs at L’Espace

The set of village’s customs is a distinctive feature of the ancient Vietnamese society, which functions in tandem with the laws set by the King. Dr. Bui Xuan Dinh and Dr. Dinh Khac Thuan from the Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences will deliver a free lecture on this interesting subject on 20 June at L’Espace.

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