Vietnam listed as one of the most attractive tourism destinations in 2012

Vietnam listed as one of the most attractive tourism destinations in 2012

Being negatively impacted from global economic recession from last year, international travellers are now more concerned about their budget while having a trip overseas, and cheap destinations such as Vietnam or China gain more favours of many international visitors. This trend seems to be continued in 2012 because of prediction about a dampening performance of the global economy.

A recent research conducted by the United States Tour Operator Association (USTOA) reports that Vietnam stands at the first position on the list of the world 's most attractive tourism destinations in 2012. The result has just published on the annual conference of this organization in Florida, the US.

The research result was collected by surveying members of the organization about which tourism destinations are going to attract most visitors in 2012, and Vietnam is the country that was mentioned the most by repliers. Following Vietnam are some other countries such as India, Ecuador and China.

At the same time, reputable online tourism magazine Smart Travel Asia has also named Hanoi and Hoi An of Vietnam as two of top ten most tempting destinations in Asia in 2011. That result was concluded from polls of million worldwide audiences of this online magazine from May to July 2011.

Just a few months ago, Vietnam is also recognized as the best value destination for Australian tourists, thanks to the favourable rate of currency exchange of Australian dollars against Vietnam Dong.

These recognitions are truly great appreciations of international tourists to tourism industry in Vietnam, as well as a motivation for tourism businesses to continue improving quality of service and products offered to fulfill the influx of global market demand.

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