Vietnam is the biggest winners of 3rd Intel’ Puppetry Festival

Vietnam is the biggest winners of 3rd Intel’ Puppetry Festival

Puppetry troupes from Vietnam have won two gold prizes at the 3rd International Puppetry Festival held in Hanoi in early September.

For performance content, 2 of 3 gold prizes were awarded to representatives from Vietnam, including the “Rhythm of Memory” by Hai Phong Puppetry Troupes and “The Sacred “Compatriots” Phrase “by Thang Long Puppetry Theater. 3 other performances from Vietnam National Puppetry Theater and Ha Tinh Art Troupe were titled Silver.

Vietnamese puppetry artists are big winners in individual prizes. Among 14 Gold prizes for puppetry artists, 10 prizes are for Vietnamese, while other 12 Vietnamese artists won silver one. Among 5 prizes for key people in creation of performances, 4 were awarded to Vietnamese musicians, designers and directors.

International Puppetry Festival is a spectacular event for puppetry troupes all over the world to introduce their best performances, as well as to exchange with other counterparts. The 3rd time of this event organized in Vietnam is considered the most successful thanks to the highest number of participants and the best performances with most precise preparation. As planned, the 4rd International Puppetry Festival will be held in the middle of 2014. 

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