Stone pathway discovered in Ho Dynasty Citadel

Stone pathway discovered in Ho Dynasty Citadel

An ancient stone path has recently been discovered in the center of Thanh Hoa Province, right at the southern gate of the Ho Dynasty Citadel, a World Heritage site. The path is about 2km in length, running through the gate and connecting Vinh Loc District with Vinh Tien and Vinh Thanh communes.

This is the first important exploration of the project that aims to unearth the Citadel’s hidden base and road system. The project is conducted in an area of 1500m2 around the citadel. It not only reveals how the emperor and his mandarins travelled around the block, but also confirms the actual function of the citadel as the royal capital, not a military base.

Assessment of The International Council on Monuments and Sites has placed this pathway on the list of the most spectacular roads in Southeast Asia, due to its intactness, construction and historical significance.


A part of the discovered rock road near Ho Dynasty Citadel

Ho Dynasty Citadel is a fundamental historical site of Vietnam that represents the masterful skill of the country’s architects in 14th and 15th century. The citadel is exceptional for its unique stone construction and solidity which is rare across the globe. In 2011, the Citadel is recognized as a World Heritage by UNESCO after 6 years of application.

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