Railway fare up by 12%

Railway fare up by 12%

Announcement from Vietnam Railways indicates that fare for trains is planned to be raised by 12% on average, from 15 May to 4 September, 2012. The new price is not applied for standing tickets, luggage shipping, free discount tickets for beneficial of social policies or passenger’s premium.

In detail, fares for soft bed in air-conditioned carriages increase by 13%, whereas hard-seat in air-conditioned sees 15% higher. Fare for other kinds of seats jumped by 12%.

The company also states new discount policy for certain types of passengers, including a discount of 20% for people at 60+ years old, 90% reduction for hero’s mothers and 10% discount for wounded soldiers and disadvantage students. Children with height below 1.05 meters enjoy reduction in price of 50%. The discount is not applied for collective tickets.  

Summer time from May to September is considered harsh time for railway services in particular and transportation in general since it is tourism season, when demand for transportation is much higher. The new fare price might cause reduction number of passengers using trains, and put burden on other kinds of transportation.


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