Legend Hotel hosts traditional thanksgiving dinner

Legend Hotel hosts traditional thanksgiving dinner

Legend Hotel of Ho Chi Minh City will be hosting a buffet on November 24 to celebrate thanksgiving - the party will take place at its famous Atrium cafe. Dishes to be featured in the buffet includes roast turkey with gravy, seared mackerel fillet, beef ribs, pear and pecan nut salad, to name a few.

And if these names are not enough to make your mouth water, then let the dessert options do the work. A feast of grandmother's favourite pies such as apple pue, pumpkin walnut pie and the notorious ginger cheese cake will sure make your night.

The dinner buffet costs $40 for adults and $20 for children 4-12. This price includes a grand buffet of many starters, main courses and desserts, along with free flow of wine, beer, cocktails, soft drinks, coffee and tea.

This year Thanksgiving will fall on Thursday, November 24th. Ho Chi Minh City houses the largest number of American expats in the country and thus hosts the majority of events to celebrate this occasion. Legend Hotel is among the most popular venue where celebrations of traditional American events take place, from Thanksgiving to Christmas and Easter. These dinners bring diners not only good food, but is also a great time for social networking.

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