Indian Food Festival at Sofitel Saigon Plaza

Indian Food Festival at Sofitel Saigon Plaza

It must be a great delight for Indian food dans to know that a festival exclusively featuring Indian cuisines is going on until September 6th at Sofitel Saigon Plaza, Ho Chi Minh City.

Though a world famous gastronomic culture, Indian foods are still scantily found in Vietnam. In major tourists destinations such as Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and Nha Trang, a small number of Indian restaurants were set up to serve mainly tourists. For Vietnamese, Indian curry remains too heavily spiced and dahl soup is not something people get used to in the Pho culture.

This rather poor collection of Indian fares in Vietnam makes this food festival a really highlighted event for diners in Ho Chi Minh City.  Cafe Rivoli is where the buffet dinner will be offered. Chef Montu Saini and his assistant Japan Nath will be introducing the most authentic dish from his experience at Ashok hotel in New Delhi.

Dinner tickets are around $39++ for adults, $19++ for children, quite pricey for a night out but all worth it, given the exquisite from India coming to Vietnam only once in a while. 


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