Gong Festival A Part of Hoa Binh 125 Year Foundation Festival

Gong Festival A Part of Hoa Binh 125 Year Foundation Festival

In order to celebrate 125 years of the province’s foundation and 20 years of successful reform, Hoa Binh province has run serial activities to celebrate its accomplishment and development, as well as to promote tourism potential and encourage local people to conserve cultural value of the district.

The program contains various cultural and social events beginning from 28 September to 2 October in Hoa Binh City, including an exhibition on social and economic achievements of Hoa Binh, a traditional cuisine fair and 125 year foundation celebration. Especially, a first time ever Gong Festival with Street Gong concert program and traditional costume competition will be presented to the audiences. The festival is expected to create a giant stage for Gong performers in Vietnam to show their talents and chances for participants to comprehend this unique cultural feature of the minor communities.

The 125 year celebration will be broadcasted directly at 7.30pm on 2 October on VTV1 channel.

Hoa Binh was founded in 1886 by French colonials from parts of other districts around including Son Tay, Hanoi, Ninh Binh and Hung Hoa. This mountainous province is home to not only Kinh people but various minor groups like Muong, Tay, Thai and H’mong as well, creating an interesting social diversity with numerous cultural elites. In addition to magnificent landscape and terrain, the province has in it a great potential to develop tourism industry.

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