First cultural festival of minor communities in Tay Nguyen in May

First cultural festival of minor communities in Tay Nguyen in May

Culture, sport and tourism festival of ethnic groups in the central highland, Tay Nguyen is projected to be held for the first time in Buon Me Thuot Town (Dak Lak Province). The event lasts for three days, from May 18th to 20th with many exciting activities which are typical for different minor communities in this region.

The festival is hoped to fortify solidarity between ethnic communities in Tay Nguyen and to create a place for these groups to exchange elite of their culture and tradition, said the organizer, the Ministry of Culture, Sport and Tourism. Moreover, this is a perfect opportunity to introduce Tay Nguyen culture to people from other regions of Vietnam and foreigners.

On three days of the festival, numerous unique activities of minor communities in Tay Nguyen are organized with the participation of local people and art troupes from five Tay Nguyen provinces, including Kon Tum, Lam Dong, Gia Lai, Dak Lak and DakNong. They consist of diverse events such as art performances, folklore festival, ethnic sport, clothing show and cultural exhibition.

Tay Nguyen is the land of numerous featured cultural activities

Tay Nguyen is a fundamental cultural center of Vietnam with the existence of many ethnic communities possessingdiverse culture and tradition. Among these minor groups, Ba Na, Ede, Co Ho, Mo Nong or Ma have largest size of population, as well as great contribution to the diversity of culture in this area. 

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