BBC to feature Son Doong Cave

BBC to feature Son Doong Cave

BBC (UK) has just sent a dispatch to the Quang Binh Provincial People’s Committee and its Department of Foreign Affairs for permission to make a documentary about Son Doong Cave, which has been recognized as the largest cave in the world.

The film crews have a total of seven members, including the cave-expert Howard Limbirt and representatives from the Geography Department of Hanoi National University.  Before Son Doong is detected, Deer cave in Gunnung Mulu National Park, Malaysia with a height of 100 meters, width of 90 meters and length of 2 kilometers was considered the world’s largest cave. The newly discovered Son Doong Cave in Vietnam with a height of 250 meters, width of 200 meters and lengths of approximately 8 kilometers has officially put Deer to the second place.  

BBC is especially interested in the flora and fauna system inside Son Doong, which is said to be phenomenal and rarely seen in the world. Its distinctiveness has led to the name of Eden for a forest in Son Doong.  Son Doong has become more and more famous and attracts many respected magazines and media agencies in the world. National Geographic (U.S.) already made a documentary about Son Doong, and Kyodo (Japan) would soon broadcast its film to over 60 countries around the world. 

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