Ninh Binh Map

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Ninh Binh Geography

Ninh Binh is a province in the Red River Delta region of Vietnam. It is surrounded by Hoa Binh and Nam Dinh province to the north, by Ha Nam province to the northeast and by Thanh Hoa province to the west. Although Ninh Binh belongs to the Red River Delta region, Ninh Binh has only 2 coastal districts, namely Yen Khanh and Kim Son, which are not mountainous areas while the other 4 districts are located on mountains or hills. It has a city whose name is Ninh Binh also and a county town named Tam Diep. Ninh Binh used to be the capital of Vietnam in the tenth century and used to be an important military base in the past. The centre of the province is about 100 km to the south of HaNoi

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