Vietnam International Windsurfing Fun Cup 2013 in Binh Thuan

Vietnam International Windsurfing Fun Cup 2013 in Binh Thuan


During two days from 22 to 23 February 2012 on Jibe’s Beach Club, Phan Thiet City, Binh Thuan Province, the Vietnam International Windsurfing Fun Cup 2013 has been occurring with the two most valuable titles won by the host country’s athletes.

The tournament is organized under the collaboration between Jibe’s Beach Cub and the Sailing Federation of Vietnam, which attract 30 athletes (25 male and 5 female) from 9 countries America, France, Singapore, Vietnam, etc.

This year’s competition applies all the international rules for windsurfing in which athletes compete in team and race in Z format of distances from 2,400m to 3,200m.

Results of Fun Cup 2013 are as following: Nguyen Van Rot (Vietnam) won the first place; Ho Van Vinh (Vietnam) won the second place and Tanguy Gilles (France) won the third place. In female competition, the winer is Tran Thi Kim Chi (Vietnam), runner-up is Montserrant Collado Orive (Spain) and third place is Deborah Khoo (Singapore).

Fun Cup is an annual tournament held in attempt to create an exciting playground for tourists, and both domestic and international athletes. Moreover, the competition is also a chance for Binh Thuan Province to promote its brand image of an exciting and beautiful  tourism destination and prepare for the Asian Beach Games 2016 organized here.

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