Hanoi Old Quarter Exhibition in Paris

Hanoi Old Quarter Exhibition in Paris

On 14 April, an exhibition of photographs, paintings and installations entitled ‘Hanoi, 36 streets’ by Vietnamese French artist Vuong Pat Cam opened at the Vietnam Cultural Centre in Paris.

The exhibition spans several decades and displays 20 silk paintings, 30 color and black-and-white photos and various installations that seek to recreate the hustle and bustle of Hanoi Old Quarter and its residents. The display, which lasts until 4 May, also features traditional Vietnamese dances and songs and poem recitals by talented Vietnamese students in France.

Vuong Pat Cam is a Vietnamese French artist of Thai ethnic minority descent. He was born in Laos, came to France to study at the age of 12 and has settled there since then. Cam has never really lived in Hanoi, but he always considers himself a Hanoian. The city and its people have always secured a place in his heart, said the artist.

As the oldest continuously developed area in Hanoi, Hanoi Old Quarter has a rich history that spans 2000 years and represents the internal soul of the city. The area generally consists of 36 streets; each specialized in a particular trade, such as silk, jewelry, etc. Due to modernization decisions that the local authorities are implementing, the Old Quarter is not what it was a few decades ago. However, visitors can still appreciate the beauty and idiosyncratic features of the area when strolling through the winding and weaving streets. 

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