Amazing Tet Flower Street in Ho Chi Minh city

An idyllic and rustic scenery of Vietnamese countryside is illustrated on Amazing Tet Flower Street at Menas Mall Saigon Airport, Ho Chi Minh city. The festive ambience pervades Saigon as the Lunar New Year is upcoming. Among countless destinations for Tet celebration in this southern metropolis, Amazing Tet Flower Street is a favorite spring festival check-in place for many locals.

Blossoming apricot flower at Menas Mall - Photo: Facebook

Located on the gateway of Tan Son Nhat Airport, this newborn flower street is typically packed at this time. Walking on the street, breathing in the festive air and enjoying the colorful spectacle, visitors have a chance to get a glimpse of Vietnam's largest traditional holiday. The street boasts the idyllic beauty of Vietnamese Tet in the past through every corner and arrangement alongside. Golden rice fields in miniature, blooming yellow apricot, freshwater wells, beautiful marigold, and chrysanthemums bushes are reminiscent of a serene village in the countryside during the Tet holiday. 

A crowd standing in a queue asks for Ong Do (Vietnamese calligrapher) to write Nom words and wishes on red paper, making local visitors recall Tet in the old days. Every day, there are hundreds of young locals dressed in traditional Ao Dai strolling on the street as a way of preserving the cultural traditions and enjoying the vibrant atmosphere of spring.

Calligraphy on display at the Amazing Tet Fest - Photo: Facebook

Amazing Tet Flower Street opens to visitors until February 17 (the 6th day of the Lunar New Year). at Menas Mall Saigon Airport, 60 A Truong Son Street, Ward 2, Tan Binh District It welcomes travelers to take a stroll down the street, immersing in the vibrant atmosphere of Vietnam's largest traditional holiday.

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