Thut Soup of the M’Nong ethnic group in Dak Lak

Thut Soup of the M’Nong ethnic group in Dak Lak

According to the old leaders of the village, Thut Soup is a traditional dish which holds an important position in the lives of the M’Nong ethnic group. The myth said that when people came to the rice fields to work in the past, they had a habit of having lunch right on the spot to save the labor time. As a result, they tried to put rice and food into the bamboo pipes, and thus Thut Soup was invented.

Years ago, every time when the festivals come or the family greets an important guest, the M’Nong girls had to go to the forest and look for the ingredients to cook Thut Soup. Nowadays, these ingredients can be found in many places. There are at least 10 different types of ingredient such as dry buffalo skin, Nhip Leaves, bitter eggplants, green peppers, etc. which are needed in order to cook this delicious dish.

First, dry buffalo skin is grilled until it becomes softer. The cane sprouts are peeled and broken into small pieces. Then, each of the ingredients will be put into a pipe. Local people used to make the pipes from Lo O Tree, but today metal pipes are more popularly used.

Savoring this speciality, tourists can feel its very distinctive taste. In addition, they can get a deeper understanding of not only Tay Nguyen’s culture but also its artistic cuisine as well!  

Specialy of the M’Nong ethnic group in Dak Lak

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