Hoi An Shopping Guide

Not for nothing was Hoi An acclaimed as World Heritage on 4th December 1999. Wherever you come from, this old town will soon strike you as a true living museum of the once iconic trading port of Vietnam in past centuries, and now, a place of poetic human and natural beauties in great harmony. Then once you leave, the image of Hoi An keeps lingering on your mind with each mossy house you passed by, each smiling Vietnamese you came across, and each delicate souvenir you bring home. To many, Hoi An probably deserves a World Shopping Site if there is such a title.
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What remind you of Hoi An first and foremost will be products skillfully made from silk. They may be clothes, handbags, purses, scarves or home decors like lampshades and wall-hangings. The used kinds of silk are of the finest quality such as Ha Dong silk and Thai silk. For this, Hoi An is referred as Mecca of Vietnam when it comes to silk, just like a key point of the Silk Road as it used to be.

You also will never forget the unique experience of getting your silk suit tailor – made in Hoi An. There are as many tailor shops here as there are tourists strolling along the streets. Among them, most praised around must be A Dong Silk and Yaly. 

You may buy silk materials from somewhere else like Cloth Market or Central Market at cheaper prices or just step in these shops and you will be consulted from different kinds of silk to which one suits you most by shopclerks. Just as soft as silk, they speak charming English and welcome you so warm – heartedly. More interestingly, your suit will be well – stitched as fast as you want, even within 24 hours, however sophisticated design you like. After all, this is a buyer’s market which will never let you down.
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Another Hoi An icon is hand – made lanterns. Created with ultimate dexterity, they are a perfect combination between the tough nature of bamboo sticks and the esthetic quality of silk. Their colors and designs are extremely diversified as you can see in Hoi An’s sparkling lantern festival celebrating every Lunar New Year. Together with other local souvenir items like lacquer ware, bonsai plants, paintings; bamboo lanterns convey the meanings of prosperity and happiness.

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