Nightlife in Danang

The fun in Danang doesn’t stop when the sun goes down. Some even argue that that’s when it starts. Bars, clubs, lounges and live music venues—it’s all reason for us to put our dancing shoes on and raise to toast to Danang. Most of the people who are out in the evening can enjoy the latest movie in any of the cinema halls like Tran Phu No 86, Danang, and Le Do.

If the thought of more rice or noodles fails to get your stomach growling, the restaurants and bars in Danang like the Mau Restaurant and the Thuy Ha Restaurant will provide a number of delectable delights which are an absolute must-have. Apart from the local dishes the restaurants and bars in Danang serves an extensive international platter. Al Fresco's offers plentiful Italian fare and Tex-Mex standards, as well as such basic pub grub as burgers and wings. Red plaid table cloths, English language pop songs and an almost-guaranteed room of foreign diners will transport you out of Vietnam, at least until you exit and greet the waiting cyclo (pedicab) drivers. If you are missing the continental dishes and the French delights then the best place to check out in Danang are Christie's Cool Spot, Hanakim Restaurant and the Café Indochine. Come with crowds or an empty stomach as the emphasis is on quantity. The ribs are robust. Sundaes will sate lingering appetites. Local and imported beers wash it all down

If you are not in the mood to do anything then you can relax with your favorite cocktail in the Phuong Dong. This is definitely the nightlife spot in Danang. Here you have a small dance floor along with professional bartenders who will prepare the cocktails within minutes. This place is popular with Danang’s young and trendy as well as the local visiting Viet Kieu population. There are many dancing-girls working here for the bar, as well as a few free-lancers. You can also watch traditional dance performances by local artists at Nguyen Hien Dinh or have a glimpse of the musical performances at the Trung Vuong theatre.

Basically, Danang closes early. Most places (with a few exceptions) are closing up by midnight so be sure you get out early to have a good time.

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