Heineken Beer

Although Heineken is still a young competitor in the beer market in Vietnam, it has really dominated the beer market in Vietnam, enjoyed mostly by young people and high class Vietnamese. Heineken offers a unique taste with fashionable and luxurious design from the Netherlands, in addition to the near-perfect customer services.
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In the Vietnam beer market, Heineken is currently providing two main products: 330ml bottled beer with the retail price of 16,000 – 25,000VND (0.78 to 1.23 USD) per bottle, and 330ml canned beer with the retail price of 15,000 – 18,000 VND (0.73 – 0.9 USD) per can. In addition to these products are 500ml canned beer (1.4 – 2.0 USD/ can) and 5l keg (21 – 25 USD/keg). Thanks to its wild popularity, Heineken can be purchased from almost every corner stores in main cities. Most restaurants will have Heineken on offer, though they might charge a higher price than the corner store.

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