Hospital Cave

A historical site to broaden your knowledge

Hospital cave is a quick stopover for Cat Ba island day-strippers who want to enrich the experience with insights into the Vietnam- American war. Located on the road to Cat Ba National Park, Hospital cave is accessible with private transport. Tourists can rent a scooter in town, ride 6 miles to the north and a sign of the cave will appear. The road is well maintained with little traffic and hence friendly to newbies. If you find scooters too challenging, you can always wave a taxi. At the site, steep flights of stone lead tourists to the cave entrance high up in the mountain.

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Hospital cave used to be a strategically hiding place for communists during the Vietnam-American War. It cannot be seen from the ground or the air and it is also bomb proof. As indicated by its name, a hospital and safe house for the North Vietnamese army was built inside the cave, with the help of Chinese.

The hospital structure is threefold. The first level is man made concrete rooms for patients and doctor offices. The second one is less spacious and formed mostly with natural rock. A small swimming pool and a natural cavern used as a cinema are amazing features for such a camouflaged spot. The third level is a tiny safe house for the communist leaders. The structure is incredibly brilliant and comprehensively equipped with ventilation shafts, water access and secret tunnels to escape in a flash.

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Nowadays, Hospital cave is accessible all year round. With the help of a guide, it can reveal a whole chapter of communists' battle against invaders and satisfy the curiosity of any explorers.

Useful Information

  • Location: Cat Ba, Vietnam
  • Best for: Adults, History Buffs
  • Entrance: N/A
  • Hours: Day time visit is recommended
  • Distance to city center: 0.0km (0.0 mi)

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