City Bird Garden

The City Bird Garden is situated inside the Cultural Park, also known as Lam Vien May 19th Park, in Ca Mau City.

Only 2km away to the West of the center of the city, this garden is the place where many precious types of bird reside and gather every year.

The Cultural Park covers a total area of 18.2 ha including amusement parks, monuments, botanical gardens, stilt houses, Ho Chi Minh pond, etc. Besides, there are also many typically tropical species raised in this park such as crocodile, monkey, snake, lizard, python, etc. However, the bird garden is the most popular spot of the whole park. This is actually a 2-ha forest where thousands of birds, storks, etc. gather every afternoon. Recently, there are also other types of bird such as teal, swan, etc. choosing to reside and procreate in this area. For the last couples of years, the garden has been newly expanded to an area of 6ha circled by fences. At the moment, as a separate ecological site, the City Bird Garden has a harmonious beauty made of natural ponds, forests, flower bushes and the most valuable birds in Southeast Asia.

Useful Information

  • Location: City Bird Garden
  • Best for: All visitors
  • Entrance: Free
  • Hours: Day time visit is recommended
  • Distance to city center: 7.7km (4.8 mi)

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