Ba Mountains (Nui Ba)

Situated South of Dam Thuy Pond in Phu Cat District, Ba Mountains (also called Pho Chinh Mountains) is considered one of the most magnificent mountains in Binh Dinh province.


Photo: luhanhvietnamThe whole area of Ba Mountains consists of more than 60 mounts with diverse height and shapes. Ba Mountains recall to many a magnetic and alluring nature picture of mounts, interspersed with lush valleys and watered by numerous mountain streams. The combination of all these elements makes the place an ideal location for eco-tourism and adventure travel.

What To See

Some of the famous spots of Ba Mountains complex that should be named are Hang Rai Mount on the South East, Heo Mount on the North East and the highest one Chuong Mount (or Chung Son Moutain) with the height of 900m. Chuong Mount has a unique round shape, which is often visualized as a giant downward bell (In Vietnamese, “Chuong” means bell).

Photo by @alexle93_

Visitors coming here cannot leave without visiting Vong Phu Stones (Waiting for Husband). This natural masterpiece consists of a high stone standing side by side with a smaller one, identical to one adult next to her child. For hundred years, local people have spread to their descendants a sad legend of Vong Phu: the stones embody a young wife and her son, both of whom had waited for the husband for a very long time until they all became rocks. The stones have ever since been used to symbolize Vietnamese women’s fidelity in love and family.

Photo by @ltht_2000

Besides the natural-crafted mouns, Ba Mountains also housed numerous historical and cultural traces from Chiem Capital of Cham Kingdom, to Tay Son Revolution and also a crucial army base of Vietnam revolutionists against French and American colonialists. A visit to Ba Mountain in Binh Dinh will thus offer tourists enriching experience and learning opportunity about both Vietnam history and natural wonders.

Useful Information

  • Location: Ba Mountains
  • Best for: Family, couple
  • Entrance: Free
  • Hours: All hours
  • Distance to city center: 31.6km (19.6 mi)

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