Vietnam Airlines Baggage Allowance

Vietnam Airlines baggage allowance specification is as below:

  Economy Class Business Class
Checked Luggage Weight
20kg 30kg
Checked Luggage Weight
30kg 40kg
Checked Luggage Weight
(Australia, Europe, Middle East)
40kg 60kg
Checked Luggage Weight 
23kg x 2 pcs 23kg x 2 pcs
Carry On Luggage 7kg x 1 pc 7kg x 2 pcs


Flights within Asia, including domestic flights, have a restriction on check luggage- the combination of which cannot exceed 20kg for Economy class and 30kg for Business class. Flights to and from Europe and Australia apply similar restrictions, with Economy class luggage not exceeding 30kg and for Business class not exceeding 40kg. Flights to and from North, Central and South America allow passengers to carry at most 2 pieces of luggage of 23kg each, for both Economy and Business Class.


Passengers can carry onboard a free item (for Economy class) and two free items (for Business class) that do not exceed 7kg of weight and the sum of three dimensions should be 115 cm at most. Other items that can be carried onboard besides this free item include a handbag, pocket book, lady purse, coat, umbrella, walking stick, laptop computer, collapsible wheel chair or a small camera.  


Domestic flights have very cheap rate for excess baggage fee: $2 per kg extra. International flights to and from Asia, Europe and Australia charge passenger $20 per kg of excess in weight. International flights to and from North, Central and South America charge passengers $50 for each piece weighing between 23 and 32kg or $150 for an additional piece of luggage.  

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