Flights from Melbourne to Ho Chi Minh City


Vietnam Airlines maintains a direct route between Melbourne and Ho Chi Minh City, with 5 flights per week. This flight has the shortest travel time among all flights on the same itinerary. 

Depart Melbourne: 10:35 AM
Arrive in Ho Chi Minh City: 4:20 PM

Total Travel Time: 8 hours and 45 minutes

More information about Vietnam Airlines: 

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Flights from Sydney to Ho Chi Minh City



Thai Airways flights from Melbourne to Ho Chi Minh City has short travel time at a very reasonable price. 

Depart Melbourne: 11:00 PM
Transit in Bangkok: 4:10 AM - 7:45 AM
Arrive in Ho Chi Minh City: 9:15 AM

Total Travel Time: 14 hours and 20 minutes

More information about Thai Airways:

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Thai Airways Meals
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