Flights from Sydney to Hanoi

From Sydney to Hanoi, you can travel with China Southern Airlines or Vietnam Airlines.

From Sydney to Hanoi, you can travel with China Southern Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Thai Airways, Qatar AIrlines or Vietnam Airlines. 

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CHINA SOUTHERN AIRLINES (usually has the cheapest flights on this route):

Depart Sydney: 10:50 AM
Transit in Guangzhou: 5:55 PM -> 11:15  PM
Arrive Hanoi: 11:15 PM
Total travel time: 16 hour 25 minutes

SINGAPORE AIRLINES (usually involves overnight transit):

Depart Sydney: 4:15 PM
Transit in Singapore: 9:40 PM - 9:50 AM (+1 day)
Arrive Hanoi: 12:20 PM (+1 day)
Total travel time: 24 hour 05 minutes

Singapore AIrlines
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CATHAY PACIFIC (usually has the shortest travel time):

Depart Sydney: 8:35 AM
Transit in Hong Kong: 3:10 PM - 6:00 PM
Arrive Hanoi: 6:55 PM
Total travel time: 14 hours 20 minutes

Cathay Pacific Airways
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