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L’espace CaféRestaurant lies inside the area of French Cultural Centre in Hanoi L’espace where a lot of exciting cultural events and exhibitions and cultural exchange between France and Vietnam take place every year. In opposite to the numbers of events which are supposed to be animated, the Café-Restaurant has its separated space. There, simple but subtle installation of elegant decoration and furniture with a large open-air are promise customers the most relaxing moments. If one is seeking for a quiet place for a cup of morning coffee and breakfast, L’espace would be a brilliant choice.

Main meals menu of the restaurant is a fusion between Vietnamese and French gastronomy with an array of special and innovative dishes like creamy potato soup, French shrimp soup, sea bass fillet with butter lemon soup, stewed lamb, or French sauced duck.

Especially, with US$29, customers may take part in cooking course lectured by professional chefs of the restaurant. During the course, trainees will be taught famous Vietnamese foods like Pho, Che or Nem Hanoi.

OFFICIAL WEBSITE www.ifhanoi-lespace.com/lespace/cafe-et-restaurant

HOURS 9:30 - 19:00

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Special Features Cooking class available


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