Banh Mi - Bread

If you are so familiar with Subway franchises all over the world, you may guess right which dish I’m going to introduce. Banh Mi, a kind of French Baguette, was adopted in Vietnam gastronomy long time ago.


If you are a frequent visitor of your local bread store, or sandwich is your everyday lunch option, you may find your soul mate with the best quality in Vietnam. Banh Mi, a kind of French Baguette, was adopted in Vietnam gastronomy a long time ago. The French invasion since 1858 spread its influences on Vietnamese culture. Besides many significant architecture works which were fully decorated in occidental styles such as the Opera House, the Notre Dame Cathedral or Saigon Post office, the French people did partially import some native food to Vietnam one of which is Banh Mi. However, after being adopted, Banh Mi’s taste and its original dining styles have been changed to fit with Vietnamese culture.

Vietnamese baguette

Unlike many Western countries, when they talk about “bread”, it means only the wheat-based-bread and that’s it. In Vietnamese culture, bread, or Banh Mi, often implies the complete bread with pate, hams, Vietnamese sausage, cucumber, pickles and mayonnaise stuffing. Some bread may contains omelette, sardines, tuna or Cha Ca (Fish Cake) inside. In the North, bread stuffings are usually simpler, with just eggs and cucumber or just pate and green parsley. Some also have bread with condensed milk or with steak for breakfast, but hardly anyone eat bread with just butter and cheese is even harder to find. 

Whenever you feel like eating Banh Mi, you may easily find one from a street vendor or at a pleasant restaurant.

In Ho Chi Minh City, the most famous take-away Banh Mi store may be Banh Mi Nhu Lan (50 Ham Nghi, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1). They offer wide range of Banh Mi but Banh Mi with hams, Vietnamese sausage and mayonnaise is the best-seller because it tastes delicious thanks to a special kind of sauce added. Apart from Banh Mi, Vietnamese sausage, shredded pork (ruoc, cha bong) and other stuffs can be sold separately. If you are planning for a picnic with a huge number of people, you’d better buy these stuffs in bunches and let the participants make their own Banh Mi (DIY Banh Mi). Another take-away Banh Mi store is Banh Mi Bui Thi Xuan, locating at 122E Bui Thi Xuan. The street is often crowded and traffic jams often occur because people often stop by to buy Banh Mi.

If you want to enjoy Banh Mi in a pleasant and air-conditioned atmosphere, you may visit Banh Mi Tuoi (99 Vo Van Tan). It is a good place to have lunch or dinner and take a rest after visiting the War Remnants Museum. Another address is Bánh Mì King Baguetteria (Banh Mi Vua) – 457A,Tran Hung Dao Street,District 1 or 353 Vo Van Tan Street, District 3.

In Hanoi, Hoa Ma street near Vincom center is famous for its banh my - one can find multiple restaurants serving banh my all day. However, if you want a  bite of an authentically made baguette, you can visit one of the many L's place stores selling Western food (3 Xuan Dieu/ 63 Ly Thuong Kiet), Joma Bakery (22 Ly Quoc Su) or Donkey Bakery (8 Nguyen Hoang Ton) for a change. 

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