Suggested Itinerary

If you do not have time to read every single piece of information about Vietnam, this is a good place to start. These suggested itineraries are based on our editors’ travel experiences as well as on their popularities among past tourists. Select the one that best fits your time frame and travel preference.

Each itinerary is made based on our travel experience and the trails that many others have passed. If you have any questions or need assistance with tailoring your own trip, please contact us. In every destination page, there is also suggested itinerary within the city or province so do not forget to check that out as well.


Vietnam in One Week  Vietnam Itinerary 2  

Vietnam in 2 weeks       
What to do, Where to go
Vietnam in 1 week       
North, Central or South
Vietnam in 3 days
Pick your place!




Northern Vietnam in 1 week
Wild nature
Hoi An - Hue in 3 days       
Colourful streets




1 week in HCMC                    
Relaxing and Easy
3 days in HCMC                    
Suggested itineraries
Day trips from HCMC
Many options available



 Bat Trang    Hanoi Day Trips   Hanoi Old Quarter photo

3 days in Hanoi
Allou need to see
Hanoi 1 Day
Compact yet fun

Hanoi Old Quarter tour
Walking Tour DIY


Travel Highlights

Learn to make Vietnamese food with Saigon cooking class

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