Cat Apple Wine of Sa Pa

Cat Apple Wine of Sa Pa

Lao Cai is a land where people can find many special and typical kinds of wine such as San Lung in Bat Xat, Corn Wine in Bac Ha, and especially Cat Apple Wine in Sapa. Does Cat Apple sound weird to you? Don’t be afraid, it has nothing to do with that admirable animal. Cat Apple Wine is made of Cat Apple, a type of wild apple. The wine itself has a gleaming brown color and a typically delicious scent.  Visiting Sa Pa, tourists are not only attracted by many local specialities but they also get “drunk” smelling the warm and irresistible Cat Apple Wine.

This is a common type of wine but no one can deny its unique taste. As Cat Apples have in themselves the essence of the forest, of the chilling wind, of the earth, and of the sunshine in the highland, they create the most unforgettable taste which is sour, sweet and bitter at the same time. The Cat Apples are soaked with water and kept covered for days before undergoing the fermentation process.

Magically, at the first sip of Cat Apple Wine, you will feel like having a carbonated drink. However, as you keep drinking some more, it will become more delicious, so be careful not to get addicted to it! You may have to visit Vietnam again and again to have it one more time!

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