Tran Hung Dao Street Map

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About Tran Hung Dao Street

Tran Hung Dao, which is name of a general and military genius in Tran dynasty, may be the most popular street name in Vietnam. Almost every city or province has a street named after this historical person.

It is also the name of a street in District 5, which used to be Cho Lon area; however a part of the street belongs to District 1. Passengers can easily find a hotel among many lying on two sides of the street such as: Hoang Nam A, Toan Chau A, Fortune, Le Kha Anh Sao, Hanh Long, Chau Vianco with reasonable prices.
A remarkable entertainment address for teenagers is Dong Da teenzone with cinema, karaoke service, cafe and shopping area.

Cho Lon used to be the biggest trade center of Chinese in Vietnam, and that is the reason why there are so many Chinese food restaurants in the district. Some famous addresses on the street are shrimp ball (ha cao) restaurant which is near Tran Hung Dao-Nguyen Tri Phuong crossroad, Dong Khanh buffet restaurant and Hung Ki sui cao restaurant.

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