Nguyen Hue Street Map

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About Nguyen Hue Street

Nowadays Nguyen Hue Street is considered one of the most beautiful streets of Ho Chi Minh City. Together with Dong Khoi Street and Le Loi Street, it is also one of the three streets with highest prices of land using right in this biggest city of Vietnam.

Nguyen Hue Street lies in the center of Ho Chi Minh City. It belongs to District 1 which is regarded as an animated central urban district with highest living standards of this city in every aspect. This belief is expressed clearly in the saying: “Ăn quận 5, nằm quận 3, múa ca quận 1” which means “Eat in district 1, stay in district 3, entertain in district 1”. Nguyen Hue Street starts from Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee Head office and runs to Bach Dang Ferry.

This street is one of the city’s two main commercial centes (the second is Dong Khoi Street). This is the reason for extremely high prices of land using right in this street. On this street, there are many multi-storey buildings, luxuriant trade centers, crowded restaurants.

For many years, Nguyen Hue Street was a main spring flower market for citizens of Ho Chi Minh City. Now, this market has been moved to 23/9 park, however to commemorate the traditional market, The Nguyen Hue Flower Street Festival has been held for seven years as an annual event of Tet holiday. Every Tet holiday, the street is flooded with flowers of all kinds and all colors which are decorated splendidly and impressively according to each year’s theme. On this occasion millions of visitors come here to enjoy the beauty of Nguyen Hue Flower Street.

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