Le Duan Street

Le Duan Street belongs to District 1

Le Duan Street belongs to District 1. It stretches from Saigon zoological and botanical garden’s gate to the Independence palace. Its original name was Norodom Street since 1871 because at that time the Reunification Hall was called the Norodom palace. Since then it has been renamed three times: Reunification Street in 1950, 30/4 Street in 1975 and Le Duan Street in 1986.  It was named after Le Duan after he died to commemorate the great contribution to Vietnam’s Revolution of this General Secretary of the Vietnamese Communist Party.

Le Duan Street is considered the street of foreign embassies in Vietnam. Embassies of Kingdom of the Netherlands, the United States of America and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland all locate here. The street is always covered with rows of luxuriant ancient trees of the 30/4 park.

Some famous places on this street are: the Reunification Hall – a historical architecture where the victorious flag of Vietnam revolution was placed on 30th April, 1975, Ho Chi Minh Campaign Museum which preserves unique and valuable items of the magnanimous American Resistance War of Vietnam, Saigon Notre-Dame Basilica and Saigon zoological and botanical garden. Every year, these tourist spots attract millions of visitors from all over the world.

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