Ba Trieu street

One of the most beautiful one-way streets in Hanoi

One of the most beautiful one-way streets in Hanoi. Ba Trieu is noted for its elegance, but an authentic one. It stretches from Hoan Kiem lake to Dai Co Viet with various “interesting sections”. About the middle is the Vietnam National Institute of Ophthalmology, where the most trivial to most severe problems with your eyes are taken care of. Opposite to the Institute, of course are many glass stores (to khong nho ra tu hang kinh). Another section of the street presents you a wide selection of bicycle (not for rent, though). Still another section chooses to focus on clothes, mostly for the middle and upper middle class, or the hippy youth. At the corner of Ba Trieu and Nguyen Du, a few rose vendors who sell the prettiest roses seem to have a stable stand. And by the end of the street, it’s impossible to miss Vincom, probably the biggest shopping complex in Hanoi with Megastar, the cinema complex on the top floor. If you can, try sugar cane fresh drink (nuoc mia) in the shop nearby and you will be refreshed and reenergized from the heat.

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