Shrimp Crackers in SaGiang

Shrimp Crackers in SaGiang

When we talk about the specialities of the south-western region, it could be a mistake not to mention Shrimp Crackers in Sa Giang. Every year, the romantic Tien River provides this district with an abundant amount of shrimps, allowing it to make one of the tastiest types of crackers ever.

The Shrimp Crackers in Sa Giang can be made from many different types of shrimps. Through the skillful hands of Sa Giang people, it has become a delicious dish and also a speciality of Dong Thap. The main ingredients include flour, grinded shrimps and ground black pepper. After the mixing all ingredients, the cook stuffs them into small yet long cloth bags and put them in the steamers. After a while, he removes the bags, slice the steamed mixture into small pieces before drying them. The last step is to fry all the sliced pieces in boiling oil until they reach the desired crunchiness and flavor. Each of the final crackers has a rounded shape, pale and moon-like yellow color.

Each small cracker has the buttery flavor of grinded shrimps. When eating, you will surely feel the cracker melting in your mouth; its buttery and spicy taste lingers at the tip of your tongue.

Specialy of Dong Thap

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