Cuttlefish Hotpot

Cuttlefish Hotpot

Only 92 km away from Nha Trang, Dai Lanh is a district that can be easily accessed by car. During your time in Khanh Hoa, if you have a chance to visit Dai Lanh, absolutely do it! One of the many reasons for you to do so is the famous Cuttlefish Hotpot that can only be found there. You will be amazed by how delicious and inexpensive the hotpot is. Besides, there are so many types of hotpot that you will never be bored eating cuttlefish the whole day. The price is also surprising, only about 2 or 3 dollars for each person.

There are several types of cuttlefish in Dai Lanh, but people only choose some certain types to make the hotpot. Cuttlefishes must be fresh when it comes to cooking this dish; they must have a big enough size and special flavor. Because all the ingredients are chosen that way, every hotpot is distinctively delicious. Its fragrance and taste are so unique that it always stands out among similar dishes in other parts of the country. The Cuttlefish hotpot is best accompanied by fresh chili and herbs, parsley, and basil, etc.

A fun fact is that you will never feel full eating these hotpots, so prepare yourself, once you start, you might never stop!

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