Cau Mong Rare Beef

Cau Mong Rare Beef

Driving along the 1A National Road will finally lead you to Cam Mong, a small village in Dien Ban district. This small village, though seemed to be uninteresting at first, is a great addition to your trip to Da Nang as you can find there a wonderful speciality called Bo Tai CauMong (CauMong Rare Beed)

CauMong Rare Beef has existed for quite a long time and becomereally well-known not only to the locals but also to many visitors from other provinces.Hearing its name, many people might assume that the dish is easy to cook. However, on the contrary, a cook must follow many steps in order to make a perfect Rare Beef dish. First of all, the calf must not be too young or too old. Citronellas and lemon bananas areadded into the belly of the calf when roasting to make the meat soft and delicious. When slicing the beef, the cook must carefully and skillfully separate the beef from the leather. Next, he must prepare his own sauce, a mixture of fish sauce, chili, garlic, ginger and lime. The beef tastes best when we eat it with fresh vegetables like green bananas, basils, corianders, etc.

Nowadays, even though one can easily find this yummy food in many places in Da Nang, Hoi An and Tam Ky, the restaurants in CauMong are still magically crowded every day.

Found in most restaurants in Vietnam

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