Nha Trang weather in August

Sharing the same temperature level with July (from 26 to 32 degree Celsius), and boasting a not much larger rainfall amount, August is known as one of two hottest month in Nha Trang besides July.

Average temperature: 29.3oC
Average high temperature: 32oC
Average low temperature: 26 oC
Total rainfall: 32.3 mm

If you plan to visit Nha Trang in August:

Drinking much water, having vitamin C-rich fruits like orange, strawberry, and tomatoes and using sun cream when going out are highly recommended for your good health and skin in these hot days. Remember to bring along hat, umbrella, long-sleeve light shirt always in any trip, and not to go out in sunniest time of the day (usually from 11.00am to 2.00pm) to avoid the heat stroke (read more about packing tips for your trip to Vietnam).

Boasting a mildly cool climate all year round, Hòn Bà Mountain, about 40km far from Nha Trang city center is considered a mini Sapa or Dalat in the heart of this coastal city. In the hot days of August, a sight-seeing trip or extended stay in Hon Ba Mountain is an ideal way to hide from the tropical summer heat. Now, access to Hon Ba Mountain becomes much easier thanks to modern cable system. However, hiking through dense forest to conquer the altitude of over 1500 meters is appealing challenge to many sport lovers.

August may not be a good time to visit Nha Trang, especially for those unfamiliar with tropical weather like Russian and North-Europeans. The crowd of domestic tourists is also another reason to consider another month to visit Nha Trang instead of August. Coming to Nha Trang this month, tourists are advised to spend more time on the mountains rather than beaches.

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