Accommodation in Hoi An - At A Glance

Hoi An has experienced and continues to see the boom of accommodation facility, ranging from budget option to international recognized five star resorts. It might be a relief to hear that customer services are by and large the same standard regardless of your money spent. The difference lies mainly in the luxury level of the room and other complementary services.

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There are four main locations for Hoi An accommodation 

  • in the Ancient Town
  • along Cua Dai road 
  • by Cua Dai beach
  • in small villages on the outskirt of town

Each of them is designed to fit the surrounding environment and you can choose yours accordingly. Because of the limited land downtown, most resorts are located in the beach area.

In exchange, the small lot of downtown hotel, hostels and guesthouses add special feel during your stay. As for price, expect to pay $20 for a decent budget hotel, $60 for a midrange and $200 for a luxury resort. 

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Hoi An is the junction of the elegantly ancient beauty of the town, the charm of sunshine beach and the tranquility of gracefully beautiful river, so it could be a regret if missing your chance to silently contemplate the poetic river.