5 Best Boutique Hoi An Restos To Try

Below is list of restaurants in Hoi An  that our staffs try and recommend.

Moon Restaurant

Situated at the heart of the Ancient town, the restaurant itself is an old building covered with moss and other time relics. The interior design is eye-catching and the service is impeccable. The few waitresses look more like sisters welcoming you home than restaurant staff. Try the juices (Tropical Storm or Mood for love) and you will have a boost for the night.

Set menu from $7.5 per person is a great deal, with typical Vietnamese dishes such as banana flower salad, shrimp spring rolls, tuna with tamarind sauce, etc. Overall the Moon is a great place for family, couples or group of friends.

Morning Glory Restaurant

The Morning Glory is probably among the culinary highlights when one visits Hoi An. It is almost opposite to the Cargo and besides TamTam, all great places in town to savour Vietnamese cuisines. The price is quite high for local standard ($5-8/dish) but you get what you pay.

Photo : laughtraveleat.com

The seabass rolled around oyster mushrooms and served with red risotto is one of the must-try. Other than that, go for the delight shrimp curry, BBQed chicken or green mango salad. The open kitchen that centers the restaurant might open up new inspiration to join a cooking class.

Banana Leaf Cafe

Facing the river, Banana Leaf is one of the most noticeable restaurants as you slowly walk down by the river. The menu is large and the food is authentically Vietnamese. Expect to pay about $10 for a 3-course lunch or dinner.

Hoi An Cargo Club and Patisserie (107-109 Nguyen Thai Hoc, daily 7am-11pm)

A unique open air restaurant that combines bakery, cafe and ice-cream shop, the Cargo is a popular destination for tourists who come or return to Hoi An.  The side that face the street allows opportunity to watch life in the Ancient Town while seating at the other end let you enjoy the cool breeze from Thu Bon River. For main meals, opt for crab in five spices or squid-spaghetti. Quick eats such as sandwiches and salads are served in good potion.

Photo : tastevietnam.asia

Downstairs is a great select of ice-cream, the highlight of which can be named as the Cargo Club ($2.5, caramel, vanilla and chocolate ice-cream with lemon meringue), Banana Split ($2.5, vanilla, chocolate and cinnamon ice-cream). If you are having a sweet tooth, you might feel relieved to learn that the Cargo is “notorious” for its light yet satisfying cheesecakes. Otherwise a glass of mango lassi will help you walk the rest of your day.

Pho Xua Hoi An

Although the mediocre look at first glance of Pho Xua may put you off, your first dinner there will inevitably lead to subsequent visit. The tiny restaurant is almost always packed with local and foreign tourists, enjoying a quick meal the authentic way. The price is incredibly cheap for the food quality, and staff is always ready to help. Avoid the peak hours or you may have to wait 30 minutes to get your seat.

Pho Xua Hoi An - Photo: Kenh14

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