Things To Do In Ho Chi Minh City

Though Ho Chi Minh City is not as big as other cities in the world, there are a lot of things to do depending upon the length you can stay here.

For short-term trip (less than 3 days), it is advisable to try as much Vietnamese food as possible. Lots of foreigners find Vietnamese culinary art fascinating and make the country stand out from the rest of the destinations. Com Tam (broken rice), Pho (Beef rice noodle) and other kinds of noodle are recommended dishes. Besides, if you are so excited that you want to learn how to cook a Vietnamese dish, you can sign up for a day course at a Culinary Art center.

Apart from food, shopping in Ho Chi Minh City is another top item on you to-do list. For full experience, you should not only go to famous shopping malls such as Parkson or Diamond Plaza but also go to a local market nearby your hotel. Ben Thanh Market attracts lots of visitors due to its wide range of products, especially souvenirs at reasonable price.

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Night clubs, movie theaters, concerts, coffee shops should be listed in your evening activities in Ho Chi Minh City also.

For longer stay in Vietnam, if you are concerned about charity works, you can also spend time doing volunteer at some orphanages or NGOs. There are plenty of opportunities for good will people to spread the love.

If fashion is your cup of tea, you can choose your favorite fabrics and materials from a market and have a tailor make a gorgeous outfit for you. Unlike other Western countries, tailored-made clothes are popular in Vietnam. Therefore, you can get a just-fit dresses or evening gown at an affordable price. Visit our shopping page for detailed listings.

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