Bau Da Wine

Bau Da wine is one of the most famous wines in Binh Dinh and Vietnam. This is a wine with a very high volume of alcohol, at approximately 50%, but it still draws people to try its taste due to an exceptional flavor. The tools used to produce this wine are made of glass, bamboo and soil, which impart a very unique flavor to the wine. There are many strict procedures and requirements on rice, water and yeast that the producers have to follow in order to make the delicious wine.

According to experts in alcohol, Bau Da wine has features that no other wine can have. When the wine is poured, its sound is clear, its smell is pleasing and its drops are transparent like crystal. When drinking the wine, it makes people to feel comfortable, soaring and want to drink more. Despite it’s powerful kick, Bau Da wine does not cause the headache or dizziness usually associated with hard alcohol, but is relaxing and refreshing like a tonic. Therefore, the fame of Bau Da wine has spread all over Vietnam, and is the luxury drink of choice for many.

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