Vietnam Most Loved Travel Experiences

One cannot compare the beauty of one place to another, but one can surely put into the chart which destination yields a more authentic and lovely experience. In this article, our editors pick what we consider the most unique to Vietnam and present here to you. Read and check out which one fits your personality the most.

For couples who love a get-away holiday with sea, sun and sand, you cannot miss Mui Ne - the new deal after Nha Trang and Danang which are no longer considered something off-the-beaten-path.

For nature and culture lovers, a trek to the rural mountain of Sapa will surely be a highlight in your trip. Imagine you are surrounded by the breeze, the fragrance, the pristine, the dew, and the colourful clothes of ethnic people - go for your dream trip!

If you are keen on meeting people, check out the bia hoi at the corner of a street. A plate of roasted peanuts and a mug of fresh draught beer - you win change your perception about what a beer can do. 

Vietnam has seen most of its history bombarded with war and atrocity - not in the least because its people is aggressive. Visit Cu Chi Tunnel, only an hour away from Ho Chi Minh City, to experience a part of that pasts.

Halong Bay can cater to tastes of most travellers: a bit of water, a bit of mountain, a bit of fisherman lives, a bit of grottos, a bit of mysteries, a bit of wonders. Adding these bits together in the Halong Bay collage and the site itself has been named numerous times the UNESCO World Heritage. 

And last but not least, experiencing a piece of the Mekong Delta lives on a boat is an all-time-favourite activity of most travellers. You will realize at any moment during your trip, peace and happiness prevail where people are aware of them.