Top 5 Shopper-Paradises of Ho Chi Minh City

1. Vincom Center

Vincom Center was completed in 2010 but it has quickly become one of the biggest shopping malls in HCMC. Vincom is right at the center of the city at 72 Le Thanh Ton street. The building is very big with many floors all covered with glass. It easily stands out from the rest of Saigon skyscrapers thanks to its marvelous exterior design which attracts attention from afar. The outside appearance somehow reflects what type of shopping venues Vincom is.

Vincom is a shopping heaven for fashion lover who are always looking for the latest trends of brand names. There are many famous brand names in Vincom such as Louis Vuiton, Armani, Jimmy Choo, Mango. Not only does it have famous brand names, it also has many well-known brands for other kinds such as jewelry, make-up products, toys and shoes.

Vincom Center HCMC

Vincom also has a dining area with a wide variety of foods. The food area of Vincom is on the basement floors: B1 and B2 (while for Vincom Hanoi, it is adjacent to the Game center, on the 5th floor). Here you can enjoy all kinds of cuisines from Vietnamese traditional food like Pho 24, Chinese food or typical Western fare like Popeyes or Breadtalk. There are also many kinds of drinks and desserts in Vincom food court such as Bud’s Ice cream, Highlands coffee.

As much as shopping, Vincom boasts itself for having the biggest and most modern game center in Ho Chi Minh city. Visit the Game Center in Vincom to experience many new exciting games, especially car racing or air hockey. There is also a section designated for young children, called The Fairy Garden.

Although the price can be extreme compared with Vietnamese living standard, you do not need to be rich to visit Vincom. Like other shopping malls, everyone is welcome to enjoy the beautiful and marvelous architecture beside clothing stores and yummy food.

2. Parkson

Just like Vincom, Parkson stands out because of its noticeable architectural design. Parkson has different branches in Ho Chi Minh city and they bears very little similarities. The latest Parkson building is located on Le Dai Hanh street, District 11 which was finished in 2010. Like Vincom, Parkson sells premium products only. Parkson has many famous brand names for clothes like Giordano, Esprit , shoes like Converse, Adidas, watches like Casio, Tiscot and make-up accessories like The Face Shop, Lancome, to name a few.

   Parkson Hcmc   

Compared to Vincom, Parkson’s retail prices are a little bit less expensive. Coming to Parkson, you can also enjoy many different kinds of food such as Japanese Kitchen, KFC, Lotteria and Thai Hot pot. The food area of Parkson is not as big as Vincom, though. One thing special about Parkson Hung Vuong which is located on Hung Vuong street, District 5 is the Megastar Cineplex cinema. Megastar is one of the biggest and most modern movie theaters now in Vietnam. At Hung Vuong Parkson, Megastar is on the 7th floor. Therefore, it is convenient for customers to enjoy the latest movie on the 7th floor and then to have delicious meals on the 3rd floor of the same building.  

3. Diamond Plaza

Diamond Plaza is also a big shopping mall in Ho Chi Minh city. It is at 34 Le Duan street, District 1 near the Notre Dame Cathedral. Diamond Plaza is older than Vincom but it still attracts many fashion fans visiting every day. Diamond Plaza hosts many famous brand names for clothes, accessories, cosmetic and toys, etc.

The goods offered by Diamond Plaza are suitable to many walks of lives. You do not have to be extremely rich to be able to shop in Diamond, which makes it more popular to many shoppers. Just like other shopping malls, Diamond Plaza also has a food court and a game center. However, the food court of Diamond is a little special. You can find most of the foods on 3rd floor of the building. But if you want to have fast food typical fares such as KFC or Pizza Hut, you need to go to the 4th floor, which is next to the game center. 

     Diamond Plaza Hcmc     

Moreover, Diamond Plaza has a movie theatre named Lotte Cinema on 13th floor. Lotte cinema is also one of the biggest movie theatres in Ho Chi Minh city where you can see the latest movie with the most modern facility.

4. Ben Thanh Market

Even though Ben Thanh market is not a shopping mall like the above mentioned, it is still a big shopping venue in Ho Chi Minh City. With a reputation of a “historical place”, Ben Thanh attracts many foreign visitors when coming to HCMC. In Ben Thanh market, many different kinds of goods are sold every day. You can see many beautiful clothes such as t-shirts, shorts, jeans, dresses; especially the traditional clothes of Vietnam: ao dai.

In Ben Thanh market, you can find many special designs of ao dai which is unique and could not be found any where else. Ben Thanh Market also sells other goods like accessories and housewares.

        Ben Thanh market hcmc        

The food section at Ben Thanh Market offers many different traditional kinds of food. Unlike other shopping malls where you can find a lot of Western food, Ben Thanh market has many kinds of authentic traditional Vietnamese food, though its sanitary conditions might not be up to the standard of typical shopping malls.

Besides, there are many beautiful souvenirs which are typical of Vietnamese culture that is good for souvenir gifts. That is why it attracts foreigners that much. However, since it serves foreigners as primary customers, the price at Ben Thanh market is much more expensive than other markets. it is a good idea to negotiate the prices to get good deals for goods.

5. Nowzone

Nowzone shopping mall, at 235 Nguyen Van Cu, District 1, was brought into use in 2009 and since then, it has become a popular visit destination to many people in Ho Chi Minh city. It looks more beautiful at nights with all the lights hanging on the trees around the shopping mall. Comparing to other shopping malls like Vincom, Diamond or Parkson, Nowzone is suitable for average budget shoppers.

          Nowzone Hcmc          

Nowzone accommodates many famous brand names of foreign fashion designers like Levi’s, Lee , Zara besides a good selection of Vietnamese brand names like Ninomax and Matanna. Its many stores with colorful mixed clothes which is suitable for teenagers. This is probably one of the reasons why Nowzone attracts mostly teenagers like students coming. The 1st, 2nd and 3rd floor of Nowzone is for fashion, accessories and toys.

The 4th floor is the food court. The food area here is not as big as other shopping malls. However, it still offers a wide range of options of many different kinds of foods. You have to buy a card first which is deducted every time you buy food in this food court.