Paddling along the Mekong River

Have you always been a fan of Venice? Visiting the Mekong delta and you will have to say “Wow, this is really Venice of the East”. To get from one house to another, you will have to use a bamboo fragile bridge across the water and to visit the village, you will have to be on the boat and paddle along the canals and rivers.    

There are no grand sparkling churches but there are rustic welcoming homes. There is no gondolas yet there is beautiful lady with a cone hat, taking you on her boat and singing her “hò” verse.  

You will see the world differently and how simple happiness can be: free your mind to the wind, connect your skin with the water that holds the cradle of human beings, enjoy the fragrant breeze from the coconut forest and rejuvenate yourself by watching children hang out with nature.  

The canal complex between My Tho and Ben Tre provide good opportunity for such water-based trip. You can rent a boat for personal flexibility or join a package tour from Ho Chi Minh City. Either way, do not miss this special experience!