Just Desserts - Hanoi's Best International Sweet Treats

Craving something sweet? With the array of expats living in Hanoi, there are restaurants from all over the world, offering a variety in cuisine—with that coming delectable sweets. Here is the list of the best desserts in Hanoi.

1. Fanny Ice Cream (French)

Not only does Fanny do aesthetically appealing ice cream creations, but the atmosphere of the restaurant is luxurious. Set in a French Colonial home on 51 Ly Thuong Kiet, it is convieniently close to the Old Quarter, yet far away enough to be outside the traffic.

2. Saint-Honore (French)

While also a restaurant, Saint Honore has the best French bakery in town. Their display case will leave you drooling. With colorful macaroons, decadent cakes, and picturesque baked goods, it might be hard to choose what to order. Their chocolate loaf is particularly rich and sumptuous. They have three locations—one on Xuan Dieu, one in Ciputra Residence Complex and the other across the street from Vincom Center.

3. Kafe (International)

This cute and hip restaurant, often scattered with young Vietnamese teens, has surprisingly tasty cupcakes. They have inspired drinks as well, to accompany your treat. Try the matcha cupcake and the kumquat juice for a deliciously different dessert experience.

Add: 18 Dien Bien Phu, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi.


4. Gelato Italia (Italy)

Relatively new, this gelato shop is a decadent treat. Their gelato—rich, creamy, is the best way to finish a meal. Their flavors vary from fruity to chocolaty, and they’re always experimenting with new ingredients. Don’t be surprised to see gorgonzola cheese gelato in the display case.

Add: 31 To Ngoc Van/ 61 Ly Thai To (Luala Station).

5. Joma (Canada)

A popular coffee shop with impressive sandwiches, Joma also has some of the best deserts in town. Cakes and pies are always in the case and can be ordered for special occasions. Their pumpkin cream cheese muffin is such a fall flavor delight. And if you miss the taste of a Nanaimo Bar, this is the only place in town you can find it.

Add: 43 To Ngoc Van/ 22 Ly Quoc Su/ 28 Tong Duy Tan/ 38 Lieu Giai.

6. Love’s Crepes (Japanese)

A Japanese restaurant, this crepe shop has lovely creations. Especially delicious are their mango crème crepes. Their coffee is nice, and they’re just a step away from Thong Nhat Park, on 34 Nguyen Dinh Chieu, Hai Ba Trung.

7. Mochi Sweets Boutique (Japanese)

If you love these doughy balls, Moshi Sweets on 45 Hang Trong will be a delight. They will package the moshi carefully for you to take away as well, though who can wait? Some of their flavors include mango crème, chestnut, green tea, and sakura.

8. Chewy Junior (Singapore)

The Singaporean chain specializing in choux pastry has quite a number of shops in Hanoi. Try the exquisite blueberry cheddar or all time favourite triple chocolate.

Add: 82C To Hien Thanh/ 145 Trieu Viet Vuong

9. Zenith Café (Vegetarian/International)

If you’d like to have your cake and eat it too, Zenith Vegetarian Café is a good bet. With coffee, juice and tea on the menu, you may as well get one of their vegan desserts. They have a chocolate cake, a carrot cake, and their newest addition is a raw passion fruit cake. Yum!

Add: 247b Au Co/ 16 Duong Thanh



10. Bo Bia (Vietnamese)

Fancy some street dessert? If you’re lucky you might find a bo bia vendor walking around with their white box on wheels. What they are creating with shredded coconut, black sesame, and sugar cane is incredible—and for 10,000 dong, a steal!