Cruising the UNESCO Heritage Halong Bay

Ha Long Bay has long been a pride of Vietnamese, for its early recognition as world heritage site. The Bay is truly worth its title, for the breathtaking landscape of caves and mountains, of blue sky and oceans.  

The best way to experience the natural beauty of Ha Long Bay is to book one of the tours from Ha Noi or Ha Long city, especially the one that includes sleeping on the boat for one night. Otherwise you can opt for the tour that allow for one night accommodation on Cat Ba Island.   Either way, you will be cruising from one cave to another, contemplating the wonder of nature. Many tours also offer kayaking and swimming activities, as well as a short visit the peculiar fishing village nearby.    

Travel Tips:  
* Protect the environment: do not throw garbage around while you are on board
* Beware of the weather. Apply plenty of sunscreen to avoid sunburnt.
* Carry with you a swimsuit. Most tours will pass by Titop Islands for swimming time.
* A flipflop will be ideal for a cruise around Halong Bay.